Saturday, August 20, 2011

Erika Afghan

And deep breath in.... Release. She is finished. Border and all. And now she is ready to go to her new home with my friend Rebecca, who's been waiting ever so patiently for her belated birthday gift. Although it took me a couple extra weeks to complete her, I believe she was finished at just the right time. When I went to take pictures of her after weaving in the last thread, it was a delightfully bright, gorgeous day. The sky was a perfect blue in contrast to her bright purple hue, the grass a thick, rich green against her eggplant softness. Sometimes it's just all about fate.

I'd gone through several names for her, but none of them seemed to fit her zesty personality. Nor that of my friend Rebecca's. And being the end of August, I really felt it was necessary to give a happy, classy but fun push to the end of a short, hot season.

I have serious intentions now to start new projects for the fall. I'd like to make a series of hats in loads of different textures and colors, in hopes that I'll have a wide selection (for both myself & my customers) for the cooler season that is just on our doorstep. Maybe it's the Halloween decorations in the craft stores. Maybe it's the crispier nights. But for whatever reason, autumn has, once again, seduced me and I now await for her arrival with deep anticipation. It's my favorite season of the year, and already I've notice fall projects on people's hooks & needles. I can't wait for just such a project myself.
The other crafty thing I have on my mind is to make myself an autumn shawl or bolero. Why do I need such a thing, and why has it been on my mind? Well... The Lieutenant and I are planning an elopement. Yes, the parents know! But they don't know exactly when, what time and where. That said, it's a quick affair for just the two of us, complete with the full gown & tux (or in his case, most likely his Dress Blues), but being this autumn some time, I'm going to need something to keep me semi-warm to hang around my shoulders and arms. I can't decide between a cranberry color or a deep, shiny coppery look, but when I make my way to the local yarn shop, I think the "in season" yarns will help me to make my decision. It's also a daunting task, as I'd have to work my buns off in order to get it finished in time. Plus, I haven't picked out a pattern, and for those of you who knit & crochet, you know that's really half the battle! Either way, I'm excited to get this started. And of course I'll post a picture when I complete it!

Very soon, The Lieutenant goes underway again, leaving me alone for a lengthy amount of time. While it's always sad to see him go, it's a great opportunity to work on projects I don't want him to see. For instance, his birthday is coming up in a couple of months, and I want to make him something for either that or when they get deployed for six months. I'm not looking forward to that either, but you have to support the dreams and work demands of your significant other.
Like I said earlier, this afghan is being given to my friend Rebecca, a Navy girlfriend, and she totally understands what it means to be away from your loved one for long periods of time. This will be my first deployment, but she's been through one before. So I'm relying on her to help me through it! Although that's a way off, Rebecca has already helped me through numerous underways, and crushing disappointment of having your loved one be away all the time because of work, lack of sleep or general zombie-ness. Trust me, when the boys get home from 18 hour days, they are literally zombies when they walk in the door. Crafting gives me a good outlet to spend my time doing something productive. Plus, what Fiber Freaks out there don't love to get their hands on something soft and luxurious?!

And tonight is date night... a rare night when The Lieutenant and I get to spend a whole evening together... preferably uninterrupted!

I hope everyone gets to enjoy their weekend, and savor these last couple of weeks of August before reality sets in, the kiddos go back to school and the air gets too cold to swim in. I plan on eating Italian and going to a movie tonight, which to me, is the perfect way to end a productive week of crocheting and bordering.